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Welcome to my homepage!I hold a MSC in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden and have several years of experience in my field.  In my homepage you will find information about my background, latest news about music, film trailers, sports, games, books.  There is a live TV section as well.         


​​I was born as the only child of my parents, Veli and Hayriye, on May 10th, 1976 in Izmir, Turkey. Dad is retired general manager from Akbank, Turkey and mom is housewife. Finished primary, secondary, and high school in Izmir and later on got acceptence at University of Gaziantep in 2000 at Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department.
After that, went to KTH to study MSC in the same field. I worked in Stockholm several yaers and returned to Turkey. In my free times, I go jogging, swim, read book, and update my homepage. I like travelling, and watching movies.​​  Until now, I visited France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Finland and Sweden (lived for 6 years).